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p r o d u c t d ata s h e e t actuator La31 Features: • 24 V DC permanent magnet motor • Thrust up to 6000 N in push and up to 4000 N in pull • Electric chromated steel piston rod eye with slot • High-strength plastic housing protects motor and gears • Elegant and compact design with small installation dimensions • Standard protection class: IPX4 • Colour: black • 2.25 m straight cable • Built-in limit switches (not adjustable) • Scratch and wear-resistant powder painting on outer tube Ø30 mm • Zinc alloy back fixture • Strong wear and corrosion resistant stainless steel inner tube • Noise level 48 dB (A); measuring method DS/EN ISO 3746, actuator not loaded • Winding isolation class F (155 degrees) Options: • LA31 Basic version CARELINE® (no slot in piston rod eye) • Flexible back fixture • Reed switch (8 pulses per spindle revolution) for exact positioning of memory control and compatibility with CB9P) • Hall positioning (for use with CB6 OBF, CB16 OBF, CB20) • Fast motor • Mechanical splines (the actuator can only push) • Jack plug for use with other control boxes than CB9 • Mini-fit cable for use with OpenBus™ • Protection class IPX6 • IPX6 Washable: only with cable placement standard and forward • Quick release on LA31 (different types of release handle) only available in grey • 0.2/0.4 m coiled cable with DIN or Jack plug • Colour: grey • Safety nut in push • Mechanical end stop for first failure safety • Exchangeable cables (also for DIN Reed and protection class IPX6 Washable) • Emergency lowering the La31 actuator is a very quiet and powerful actuator designed for a variety of applications such as furniture, care or hospital beds. the standard La31 actuator is available for both the hoMeLINe®, careLINe® techLINe® and desKLINe® product ranges. due to its high capacity, design and protection class up to Ip66 Washable, the careLINe® actuator is ideal for the care sector e.g. for beds. the careLINe® La31 actuator is available as a standard or a Basic version. the standard La31 actuator features known parts such as piston rod eye with slot. the La31 actuator has exchangeable cables and is ideal in combination with openBus™ control boxes.

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